Welcome Home Kit



Welcome Home Kit

With this kit, get the warmest welcome from your home


nCube Smart Home HubKit Z-Wave Smart RadiatorKit Smart Motion Sensor Fibaro  Kit Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Bulb



nCube Home Automation Kit

nCube Home

nCube Smart Home Hub

The nCube smart home hub act as the brain of your home connecting all your devices together. Smart home devices with different communication protocols, WiFi, LAN, Z-Wave or Bluetooth, connect with the nCube Home that act as the bridge between them. The hub connects with the nCube app from where you can control everything.

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Z-Wave Danfoss LC-13 Living Connect Radiator Thermostat kit




Danfoss Living Connect radiator Thermostat

The Danfoss Connected Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) are stand-alone, programmable radiator thermostats. TRVs enable you to set a comfortable temperature for each room but it’s a chore manually turning them up and down every day.  With the Danfoss TRVs connected to nCube you can set a heating schedule per room to set each TRV automatically.


Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor Kit


Fibaro Motion Sensor

The Fibaro "eyeball" Motion Sensor is a quick easy way to add simple security and more advanced automation to your home.  The sensor is battery powered (so no cables needed) and monitors motion, temperature & light levels and even building movement through it's accelerometer.

You can fix it anywhere such as the wall or the ceiling and you can change the location at any time. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the sensor - for example, you might want to overlook your pet’s motions.


Aeotec Z-Wave Colour LED Lightbulb Kit


Aeotec Z-Wave Colour LED Bulb

The The Aeotec Colour Z-Wave LED bulb gives you the perfect control over the ambience (colour and brightness) of your home. With the nCube hub, you will be able to control both the brightness and colour to perfectly suit the time of the day and your mood.

Simply plug it in and you will transform any light-fitting in your home into a smart light. With 16 million colours, the Aeotec LED Bulb will fill your room with impeccable light because just the way you want it.


Automations you can do with this Kit and the nCube


Let your home welcome you whenever you get home

You can set up the Danfoss Radiator thermostat to the right temperature, the Aoetec light bulbs to the intensity and colour of your choice everytime your Fibaro motion detects your presence at home. The same automation can also be set to any room in your house.

Forget about the light switch

You can automate the Aeotec LED Bulbs to switch on whenever the Fibaro motion sensor detects a movement and you’re home.

Home Automation Warm Welcome Home
Light Automation

Scare off the Intruder

You can also set the lights to switch on, the music to a very loud volume and to receive a text message whenever the Fibaro motion sensor detects a movement and you ‘re not home.

The perfect wake up

You can adjust the coffee machine to start, the music to play, the Danfoss Radiator at the right temperature and the Aeotec LED bulbs to slowly switch on at the right intensity and the colour of your choice when the Fibaro detects a motion in the morning.

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Connected Home