Three Sensative Strips


The Sensative door/window sensor Strips detect if a door or window is opened or closed using a magnetic sensor. With these strips, you get full peace of mind by easily checking that all windows or doors in your home are closed from anywhere in the world, and will notify you if something unusual happens. These strips can trigger other smart devices to do something using a Z-Wave controller such as the nCube.

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Things you can do with the Sensative Strips and nCube Home

Let your home tell you what’s going on when you are away
You can set up the Sensative door/window Strips to send you a notification on your smart phone to inform you about any door or window opening in your home when you are away or on holiday.
Welcome Home
You can automate the lights to switch on whenever the Sensative door/window Strip senses the door opening for a warm welcome home.
Scare off the Intruder
You can also set the lights to switch on and the music to a very loud volume whenever the Sensative door/window Strip senses a window or door opening and you are not there.
Open Window 
You can set the radiator in the room to switch off whenever the Sensative door/window Strip senses a window opening to help you save energy.
And many more..


Additional Information

Product Overview

  • Invisible (when door/window closed) and simple mounting in windows & doors
  • Indoor and Outdoor usage
  • Up to 10-year battery life - no more changing batteries
  • Simple to set-up
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • Can be controlled by a Z-Wave gateway
Technical Specification
  • Product: Strips-MaZw
  • Features: Magnet sensor, Tamper alert, LED indication.
  • Regions: Europe (868.4MHz)
  • Range: Up to 40 meters. Non-battery Z-Wave devices will act as repeaters and may extend the range up to 150m.
  • Dimensions: Sensor: 195*15*2.98mm, Magnets: A:30*Õ*1mm, B: Diameter 12*3 mm.
  • Operating conditions: -20 to +60-degree C. In-and outdoor usage
  • Power supply: Built-in Battery LiMnO2 battery life.
  • Magnetic Range: Approx. 15 mm
What's In the Box?
  • Three strips
  • Instructions
  • Mounting & set-up magnets
Warranty  12 Months
Product support  Sensative Support