Smart Home Security Kit



Smart Home Security Kit

With this kit, make your home safer without any monthly fee 

nCube Smart Home Hub  kit Smart Door Window Sensor    Kit Domitech Z-Wave Smart Lighting



nCube Smart Home Security Kit

nCube Home 

nCube hub smart home

The nCube smart home hub act as the brain of your home connecting all your devices together. Smart home devices with different communication protocols, WiFi, LAN, Z-Wave or Bluetooth, connect with the nCube Home that act as the bridge between them. The hub connects with the nCube app from where you can control everything.

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Sensative Smart Door Window Sensor Set of 3 Strips Kit


Set of 3 Sensative door window sensor strips

The Sensative door/window sensor Strips detect if a door or window is opened or closed using a magnetic sensor. With these strips, you get full peace of mind by easily checking that all windows or doors in your home are closed from anywhere in the world, and will notify you if something unusual happens. These strips can trigger other smart devices to do something using a Z-Wave controller.

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Domitech Z-Wave White LED Dimmable Smart Bulb Kit


Domitech White LED Dimmable Bulb

The Domitech White LED dimmable bulb is a smart, fully dimmable bulb that can be controlled from your normal wall switch or your smart phone or tablet using a z-wave hub such as nCube.  You can improve ambience, mood and security as well as saving energy. 

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Automations you can do with this Kit and the nCube


Scare off the Intruder

You can set the Domitech light bulbs to switch on, the music to a very loud volume and to receive a text message whenever the Sensative door/window sensor senses a door or window opening and you‘re not home.

Lived-In feel while you're away

For peace of mind, you can automate the Domitech light Bulbs to switch on and off and the TV to switch on for half an hour at specific times and days to make your home appear lived in while you are away on Holiday.

Smart Home Security Intruder Deterrent
Smart Home Security Lived-in Feel

Warm Welcome

You can also set the 3 Domitech light bulbs to switch on whenever the Sensative door/window sensor senses the home door opening for a warm welcome home.

Energy Saving

Save energy by setting your room radiator to switch off whenever the Sensative door/window strip senses a window opening. 

Home Automation Warm Welcome Home
Smart Home Energy Saving