Perfect Ambience Kit



Perfect Ambience Kit

With this kit, get the perfect ambience in your Home depending on your mood and time.

nCube Smart Home Hub    Kit Smart Multisensor Aeotec     Kit Smart Dimmer Switch



nCube Perfect Ambience kit

nCube Home

nCube Smart Home Hub

The nCube smart home hub act as the brain of your home connecting all your devices together. Smart home devices with different communication protocols, WiFi, LAN, Z-Wave or Bluetooth, connect with the nCube Home that act as the bridge between them. The hub connects with the nCube app from where you can control everything.

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Aeotec Multisensor Version 6 Kit




Aeotec Multisensor version 6

The Aeotec Multisensor Version 6 is a powerful detector packing in 6 different sensors: motion, temperature, light levels, humidity, vibration (Seismic) & UV.  The sensor is battery powered (or powered by the included USB cable) and can be mounted wherever is convenient in the home.  


Qubino Lighting Relay Dimmer Kit


Qubino Lighting Relay Dimmer 

The Qubino Lighting Relay Dimmer is a discrete module for remotely dimming your lights via a Z-Wave gateway such as nCube. The module supports low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer, dimmable compact fluorescent lights and dimmable LED bulbs. Moreover, it measures the power consumption of electrical devices and supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor.

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Automations you can do with this Kit and the nCube

Bed Time Mood

You can set up the lights in your children's room and in the hallway to dim at bed time to gently put them to sleep.

Gentle Wake up

You can adjust your bedroom lights to gently switch on at the right intensity when the Aeotec detects a motion in the morning.


Smart Light Switch


Smart Lighting

Perfect Evening Mood

You can also set the lights in your living room to dim at specific time and days to create the perfect evening mood for you and your family.

Scare Off the Intruder

You can set all the lights to switch on, the music to a very loud volume and to receive a text message whenever the Aeotec Motion sensor is triggered and you‘re not home.


Light Automation


Smart Home Security