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nCube Home

nCube Smart Home Hub

The nCube smart home hub act as the brain of your home connecting all your devices together. Smart home devices with different communication protocols, WiFi, LAN, Z-Wave or Bluetooth, connect with the nCube Home that act as the bridge between them. The hub connects with the nCube app from where you can control everything.

Additional Information

Product Overview

  • App is free to download and works on Mobile, iPad and Desktops
  • iOS and Android app and browser
  • Requirement: smart home devices and Internet
  • Suitable for owned and rented properties
  • Simple Installation and easy to install
Technical Specification
  • WiFi or LAN connection to the home network
  • Z-Wave+ Gen 5
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.0
  • Raspberry Pi based hub
What's In the Box?
  • The nCube Hub
  • an Ethernet cable
  • a USB power cable
  • a power supply
  • User Guide
Warranty  12 Months
Product support  nCube Support