Colour LED Bulb


Colour LED Bulb

The Aeotec Colour Z-Wave smart LED bulb gives you the perfect control over the ambience (colour and brightness) of your home. With the nCube hub, you will be able to control both the brightness and colour to perfectly suit the time of the day and your mood.

Simply plug it in and you will transform any light-fitting in your home into a smart light. With 16 million colours, the Aeotec LED Bulb will fill your room with impeccable light just the way you want it.

Automations you can do

Things you can do with the Aeotec LED bulb and nCube

  • smart nCube hub
  • Colour LED Bulb
  • Forget about the light switch

    Used in conjunction with a motion sensor, you can automate the Aeotec Colour LED Bulb to switch on whenever the sensor detects a movement in the room.
  • Emergency Light

    You can automate the Aeotec Colour LED Bulb to switch to red whenever the smoke detector is triggered so you can easily find your way out.
  • Dinner Party Mood

    Impress your guests with one click by setting the Aeotec Colour LED Bulbs to the perfect colour and brightness.
  • Perfect Wake Up

    You can set the Aeotec Colour LED Bulb to switch on slowly in the morning to gently wake you up on the good side of the bed.
And Many more....

Additional Information

  • Product Overview
    - LED Bulb that can that can be controlled, automated and scheduled by a Z-Wave network controller
    - LED Bulb has been engineered to emit the perfect shades of white light complemented by 16 million other colours
    - Can be used with indoor or outdoor light fittings
  • Technical Specification
    - Plug and play
    - Lasts 50 000 hours
    - 70 watts bright; consumes only 9 watts at maximum brightness
    - Offers 180º Beam, allowing it to fill a room with perfect light
    - Money saving
  • What’s in the box
    - One Aeotec LED bulb
    - Instructions & Technical specification
  • Warranty
    12 Months
  • Product Support