nCube Home allows you to integrate a wide range of smart home products such as heating, lighting, security, entertainment and things plugged in from your choice of brands and connect them all together.
nCube Home supports over 100 devices and more are constantly being added.

Wifi & LAN based devices supported

Z-Wave lighting, plug-in & wired devices supported

Z-Wave sensor devices supported

“In the Groove with” Program

We’re always talking to manufacturers of new devices and interested in hearing from people that want to support new things in their home.

If you are a manufacturer of a new smart home device, our “in the groove with” program is what you’re looking for.

nCube Home supports Smart Home products connected using Z-Wave, WiFi Bluetooth or connected via the home LAN. We work with device manufacturers to support their products and we welcome device manufacturers to contact us to request support for their device. Most devices require us to complete some software development to integrate them (dependent on the API and the product features).

With the broad support for Z-Wave devices completed it may be possible that new Z-Wave devices will just work first time but our approach is to always test each new Z-Wave device as in our experience there is a large variation in capabilities. As the nCube user experience is designed for each specific capability (setting heating, turning lights on/off, etc) then new types of devices not tested by nCube may not function correctly until we have completed our tests.

Contact us to get “In the Groove” with nCube Home