Your Smart Home In 3 Easy Steps

Step 2

Step 1: Connect your nCube Home hub to your broadband box and activate it


On first use your nCube hub needs to be connected to the internet to activate. You can connect it either with the included LAN cable or using WiFi.


Once connected, you will be asked to enter the activation code and create your main user account (more sub-users can be created later).

Step 1

Step 2: Download the nCube Home app on your smartphone or tablet

With the free and easy to use nCube app, you will be able to connect and manage all your smart devices consistently in one app experience.

The nCube app will allow you to set up your home automation according to your needs and preferences.

Step 3

Step 3: Add your Smart Home products and automate your home.

That’s it. You’re now ready to connect your Smart Home products. The first thing you’ll see is the Dashboard where you can instantly see your favourite Devices, Cubes and Rooms.

Add Devices

From the Dashboard (home screen) click the + button to the right of the Devices section and choose the brand or type of device you want to connect. nCube Home is integrated with over 100 devices from different Brands.

Add Cubes

Cubes is our unique term for making devices do things just the way you want to. Cubes use a natural language method: “When something happens (optionally And/Or something else), Do this and (optionally) this, that and the other…”.

Add Rooms

If you have a larger number of products you may find it easier to group products into rooms to make navigation and control easier. Rooms with thermostats or temperature measuring devices will automagically display the Room temperature too.


You may have come across app-only methods to control several Smart Home products. These are a great way to experiment with using a single app but we think there are lots of downsides to an app-only solution which is why we took the harder path and created a hub-based solution.


- The app talks to the app providers cloud service so dependent on how stable the internet connection is

- The app providers’ cloud service talks to the cloud services for each device. If you have three different devices that’s four different cloud servers you’re bouncing around between which means lots of points where things could fail.

- Personal information about your home and lifestyle is going through all those cloud servers - do you know what they are doing with your data and how private it is?

- Automation/Scenes running in the app fail if the app isn’t running on your mobile/tablet or your mobile/tablet doesn’t have an internet connection.

- Running things via cloud services can mean long latency ( up to 15 minutes if you read the small print of some providers services).



- Even if the internet connection fails, nCube will still work and when you are at home you will still be able to control most of your devices. The nCube app talks directly to the nCube hub within your home, not via our servers.

- Privacy: All your usage and lifestyle information that’s held in nCube stays in your nCube hub in your home, not on our servers.

- Cubes (and all the When this, do that logic) are all running on your hub not our servers and therefore even if your internet connection is down they will still work.

- As everything is running in your home things work quicker than if they are routed through several different cloud servers round the world.