The story

Smart Home technology is beginning to take off and we're at the forefront.

We started nCube late 2012 and after 12 months of hard work started selling late 2013.  We spend a lot of time listening to feedback, growing the features and supporting more and more appliances and we're always looking out for people that want to talk about technology, energy saving, safety & security.

The Prototype

The core idea for nCube came from when Philip Steele, our founder, created a method to automate his bedroom at the age of 14 to save energy costs.  He took an old ruler, two springs, a micro-switch and an old tape deck motor and assembled a simple pressure switch to go under the carpet in the doorway that caused the tape deck motor to rotate (approx once per second if you remember the old C90 tape players) with a beer bottle cap bent into a cam shape to depress a mains power switch. The original prototype still exists as shown and has been written up by various news sites.