Watch the Interview with Philip Steele, founder of nCube and leading insurance companies on EntrepreneurCountry TV

This week on EntrepreneurCountry TV we bring you insights and interviews from our 'David and Goliath Must Dance' lunch to launch our Insurance Ecosystem. 

Amit begins by sharing some of the work that Ariadne Capital has done with leading Insurance companies within the UK, Europe and Japan.  

Interviews with some of the guests that joined us for the launch of our Insurance Ecosystem include:

      • Seamus Creedon, Non-Executive Director, Multiple Insurance Companies
      • Fernand Lendoye, Managing Director, Aviva Ventures
      • Michele Galli, CEO, Gideon Smart Home
      • Philip Steele, CEO & Founder, nCube Home
      • David Stubbs, CEO, RightIndem