Your coffee or tea ready for you the moment you wake up – Just like magic!  


Every morning you wake up to the alarm sound only to press the famous button “snooze” several times before really taking it seriously and decide to jump out of your bed. Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

How many times have we dreamt of finding a cup of coffee waiting for us on our bedside table transforming our morning to a more pleasant one? That would definitely help us start off the day on the right side of the bed and also a bit earlier…

This sounds impossible at first but it really isn’t. You can possible automate your coffee machine or even your kettle to start at a specific time and day.  With your Home automation hub and app, you will find your cup of coffee or tea waiting for you just like magic!

This is how you do it:

You will need: the nCube hub and app and one smart plug, it can be a Wemo, D-Link or any other Zwave smart plug.

  1. Plug your coffee machine or kettle into the smart plug.
  1. Go to your nCube app and add the smart plug to the list of devices and give it a name. ex: “Coffee machine”.


  1. Go to your cubes to create an automation and name your cube. Ex: Morning Coffee.


  1. Go back to the list of your cubes and find the “Morning coffee” cube that you just created and click on it.
  1. In the “when “section choose the first option: “it is certain time or sun related on certain days” and put your conditions such as when do you want to set an automation for your coffee or tea. It could be at a certain time and on certain days or it could be simply at sunrise on specific days.


  1. In the “Do This “section, your will put the actions that you want your devices to do, in that case, we will tell the smart plug of the coffee machine or kettle to switch on.



There you go, you have your coffee or Tea ready for you in the morning at the time you wish just like magic!


What else do you do with your smart home?

Share your stories with us!


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