We've noticed over the past months that some smart device users experience a brief outage of services from time to time. 

While unable to log in to the respective apps for the devices, it was usually still possible for owners to access them manually, but that, by all means, defers the point of building yourself a smart home in the first place. It seems like especially cloud-based home automation systems face these issues more often and here at nCube, we'd like to work on a solution.

Because while adjusting a thermostat the 'old-fashioned way' if you have a smart one can be annoying, it is not too bothersome, whereas situations are likely to get very problematic if your smart lock system or smoke detector decide to stop working when you'd most need it.

nCube would like to take the home automation away from the cloud and back to your local network, to ensure an independent, seamless function and data that stays in your hub. As of yet, we've achieved this with all of our Z-Wave devices and thermostats.

Keeping the access in the cloud is the obvious and possibly best solution for a data concern. But looking at it from a consumer perspective, we are convinced that a customer who has purchased a piece of hardware should be allowed to do with it as they please and not limit themselves to outside servers.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts @ncubehome, please.



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