Who else remembers these dreadful Mondays in spring, when the clocks had just been turned to Summer Time, but your body just wasn't ready to accept that it had to get up "an hour early" yet?

Or even worse, when you forgot to set your alarm clock and were then late to work or school?

I doubt that "Sorry I'm late, I forgot to set my clock" would make for a good excuse these days, though - not only because most people use their phone as an alarm, anyway, but also because pretty much every clock sets itself back automatically via WiFi.

It's incredible how much we already rely on certain types of technology and automation like that, but living and being at home could still be so much easier: 

What if you wouldn't just get up at the right time, but to your home already warmed up, the blinds drawn and the water for the tea ready in the kettle? 

Not only wouldn't you oversleep, you'd probably actually enjoy getting up on a cold October morning.

With an nCube, all of that (and quite a bit more) would be possible, to make your life just that tiny bit easier.

In that spirit, enjoy the "extra" hour of sleep this weekend - and don't worry, your nCube will be able to deal with automations for that time, too



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