Nobody can quite remember who started it, but at some point every other device got a voice control feature, from Google to WhatsApp; suddenly you could tell your car to call your mom while you were driving and ask your iPhone for the closest launderette after someone spilled coffee on you.

It is no wonder then, really, that most smart home providers added a voice control feature to their devices to make managing your appliances even easier. 

The first one that'll have to come to mind is Amazon Echo, which was originally intended to simply be a smart speaker, but look at it now and you'll find a fully fitted hub that comes with "Alexa", it's personalised voice-control system.

Nest offers a similar service ever since it's collaboration with Google, responding to orders like "set temperature to 27 degrees" as if you had asked your Personal Assistant.

The future of Smart Tech, as it seems, is most definitely going to be robotic.

But before we start counting the days until films like "Her" will become reality, we should take into consideration that Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa are about as good as they get for now. 

If anything, ubi has proven that just because a device is equipped with an over-confident voice, its answers aren't always correct, but sometimes even hilariously wrong.

So there is still a long route to go from here, but we're going to watch it every step of the way.

If you have further interest in Voice Control, read this article by Cade Metz about Jason Mars and open-sourced voice control project "Sirius".



  • Myriam

    Hi Eamonn, Yes we have plans to integrate it with Alexa. We are actually working on the integration now and should be ready in a month.
    Thank you
    nCube Team

  • Eamonn Cheverton

    Do you any plans to integrate with either Alexa or google home? If so then what quarter would this be in the U.K.? I would like to buy your product but would like voice. I am not interested in the Apple offering. Thanks

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