As 2015 dwindles closer to its end (yes, it's only September, but soon we will have to turn up the heating and "Last Christmas" will play on the radio again), we start this September with a few updates and announcements for the next weeks to come.

Two weeks ago, we've pushed out an update fixing the most common bugs, which had unfortunately been slowed down a bit by the new framework. 
A few highlights include a new "add" page, which now shows our constantly growing list of supported appliances, the quick-controls for most z-wave devices and we've also resolved the issue some beta users had with the number of text messages that was sent out for the login.

Along with that we have also decided to make our customer forum a bit more interactive and will now publish weekly suggestions on how to use your nCube hub every Tuesday, in the hopes that our beta users will give us some feedback on them and maybe even share their own ideas - showing off your ideas can be pretty fun after all. 
Today's suggestion is on our forum now.

And we're still looking for other beta users! So if you have two or more smart home devices (of these providers), or know someone who does, please get in touch! 

We'd love to share our nCube hub with you for free if you tell us how well it works for you.

 Hope you have a great September,





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