It's that time of the year again - no, not Christmas quite yet.

The time when we rummage around any fancy dress we might have bought at some point, try not to let painted faces affect our furniture and give sweets to the little ones so we won't get tricked in their Halloween spirit.

Wouldn't it be funny to trick right back though? (Very mildly, of course.)

But before you start looking for a fog machine in the basement, consider automating a few of your smart home devices with your nCube in a "haunted" mode to create a spooky feeling.


How about linking the door lock to the lights in the hall way, so that whenever you open the door they flash in red and green? Or having a spooky laugh play in the background?

 But we don't want to scare anybody away. So before you are standing in front of all of your devices and try to figure out what they're doing like Jack Skellington with Christmas, drop by on our twitter - we're always happy to help.



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