This year at the Wearable Technology Show, a new zone for the smart home category was added and many interesting products were on display. Glancing across our competitors throughout the 2 days of the event, we reckon we gained the most visitors at our stand. Our blue box design clearly stood out and attendees enjoyed setting the lighting mood (LIFX and Philips Hue on display), adjusting the temperature on the Nest thermostat or playing their favourite music through the Sonos players. Our ‘book’ box design proved a pleasant surprise to attendees too. Unfortunately, because of a lack of space on our stand, we weren't able to demonstrate more of the over 70 products we have tested integration with.


As part of the wearable technology show, awards were given to the best companies of each category in front of a packed main stage. The Wearables Awards were introduced in 2014 to recognise excellence in wearable, smart device and IoT innovation and identify the best innovators in the market. More than 200 entries were received across the 11 categories, and 64 companies were shortlisted for the final battle. Three new awards were created for 2016: Rising Star, IoT Connect and Smart Home. nCube Home is very proud to be the winner of the IOT category.

Furthermore, on the first day of the event, Philip Steel was invited to take part in a panel session. Jon from Deutshe Telecom and him had a good debate over how consumers will discover smart home products. According to Jon, it will be via the mobile operator whereas from Philip's point of view, it will be from all the other home services providers such as insurance, security energy etc...More precisely in Philip's belief, it's not which but rather how all the players might work together. From a homeowner's perspective, he must be able to run his whole home and not just parts of it from one provider. This is why for nCube Home, beeing independent is a big advantage. This opinion has been backed up by major high street retailers looking for products that glue together the whole smart home. 

On the other hand we saw a lot of interest in custom projects such as property management, social housing, energy management, new build where smart home becomes a service with significant benefits around cost saving, maintenance saving, security management as well as energy saving. The value of the data becomes very important so yet another proof point for what we are doing.

Several application developers that had created things like heating apps, lighting apps, security apps came up to us and asked if they could run their apps on our hubs - this is an important proof point for us. These apps are really well designed, have a large number of users and are generating their own revenue but being a smartphone apps means they are tied to the mobile and depend on the app being run and, depending on the device API, needing the mobile to actually be at home in order to operate a device such as a light, thermostat or music system. So the chance to host their apps on our hub and integrate to our API was a welcome opportunity which we will be expanding in the next couple of months.

Next year’s show will have a larger Smart Home zone and we’ve already signed up for a central spot to show off the latest nCube updates and our industry thinking. We hope to see you again next year.

Thank you for visiting us at the show, If you have any inquiries or questions we will be very happy to hear from you. Case studies are available on request and we can run workshops, demonstrations and set up lab exhibits.

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The nCube team.


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