nCube Home at the Smart Summit London at Olympia London

Smart Summit London was held at Olympia London on the 21st and 22nd of September. The show gathered many important companies from the smart home industry such as energy, telecoms, insurance and retail and covered the internet of things ecosystem and its impact on digital society. It consisted of 2 days’ conference and exhibition with visionary speaker line-up who presented their “how-to” strategy and vision for a smart future.

We were a silver sponsor at the show where we showcased our smart home product in a home atmosphere. Philip Steele, founder of nCube Home participated in one of the panels: “Selecting the Optimum Interface for smart home control”. The panel moderator was Simon Montford, founder of WEB3/IOT and the panellists included Diego Oliva, founder of Glue, Joaccim Westlund, CEO of Flic, Kyrre Wathne, CTO of Viva labs, Sam Woodward, Customer Education Leader of Lutron, Ricco Winther, Director of Sales of Sigma Designs and Philip Steele. Simon wrote a great primer for the event here:

The audience dwelled on Amazon Echo & Alexa a lot throughout the show with the UK launch only a week after the event (and yes nCube will be integrated soon) but as Philip mentioned on the panel Amazon is a voice interface and you still need a app interface for setting things up or doing more complicated things or when you don’t necessarily want to talk to control things and disturb others around you.  The panel resoundingly agreed the humble lightswitch isn’t going to go away so things like Hue, LIFX and Play bulb lights require intelligence to be built into the wall switch too to be more useful to the mainstream (i.e. not those of us that will go to the effort, novelty-factor, of opening an app to turn a light off on the way to bed). 

Simon ended the session on the future of technology such as person recognition, gesture control and other advances – as Phil mentioned technology is virtually limitless but those sorts of problems are very challenging and will take time.

At the exhibit there was a lot of interest at the nCube demonstration home where visitors approached us to get a live demo of the nCube system and where we discussed business opportunities with different key companies. We also had the occasion to speak with Amazon Alexa representatives to examine the integration with nCube Home.



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