And already 2015 is drawing to a close - that was fast! 
And what an exciting year it's been!

It all kicked off on February 9 when nCube set up camp at Wayra UK's offices in London, and Phil was promptly roped into a "Wayra does the Apprentice" action, trying to sell nearly worthless items on Tottenham Court Road:


After taking on (and excelling at) this challenge, we got straight back to refining the nCube's technology, which was soon showing results.

Just three months later, Phil was invited to showcase his nCube at the WIRED tech salon in May, and promptly after that on the roof of John Lewis during Technology Week in June.


All of this great support enabled us to finally start our closed beta programme in June, and put all the great feedback we got back into the nCube's software, to refine its little bugs and create an even better product.

Meanwhile, the guys at Map gave our little hub a makeover to make it beautiful and useful inside out: The nCube now comes with a packaging that you would want to present to your friends, but could just as easily be hidden in its box as a book.


And then, everything seemed to happen at once in the last three months of the year.

First, nCube got selected as one of 42 start-ups for The Duke of York 4th round of Pitch @ Palace, as we've been shouting around on social media in October:

And then, the most nerve-wracking highlight of the year: Our kickstarter campaign
We managed to reach many people immediately drawn by nCube's concept and were able to promote the nCube all around the globe. If you've just missed it, you can still sign up to our waitlist here
Luckily, it all came together in the end and we got successfully funded on 2 December with £26,155, which can mean only one thing:

Launch in February!

As you can see - we literally can't wait for 2016. What will the future hold?

If Sci-Fi movies are to be believed, then naturally only one thing for certain: Robots.

nCube wishes everyone a happy Christmas and the best possible start into 2016.


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