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Let your Home notify you when your children arrive home


You might be having a tough week at work or you might simply be away for the day or the week and your mind is constantly spinning wondering if your children got home safely from school or from their weekend activities. You want to be at home to make sure everything is ok but unfortunately, you’re not superman/superwoman and can’t be in 2 places at the same time. On the other hand, you don’t want to keep annoying your teenagers by texting or calling them constantly… so what should you do?

Imagine having a home that can constantly talk to you and tell you what’s happening when you’re not there. That would be really awesome because you will be able to continue doing what you have to do with peace of mind and you won’t have to annoy your children by texting them constantly.

Well guess what? That’s completely possible with your intelligent house. You can set an automation where you can automatically receive a text message whenever one of your children arrives or leaves home.

Here is how you do it.

What you would need is: The nCube hub and App.

  1. Add your children as a user in your nCube Home account so that your home knows when they arrive (with their phone being connected to your home wifi).


  1. Create a cube (home automation) and name it ex: “Children Home”.



  1. Go back to the cube you just created in the list of cubes and click on it.
  2. In the “When” select the third condition: “User arrived/left home or is currently present/absent”, then select the user (your son or daughter) and the action “enters” and save it.

  1. In the “Do this” select the second option which is “send SMS message to users” and type in the text you would like to receive. Ex: your son Andrew just got Home!” and choose which numbers you want to send the text message to and save.


There you go, you just set up a home automation that will save you lots of energy that you could use on other things and it will also save your kids from your constant texts and worries.


Tell us what you do with your smart home automation.

We’d love to hear about your stories!

The nCube Team




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