nCube customer tells us how he uses the nCube in his High-Tech Home 

We spoke to Richard from East London about how he uses the nCube Smart Home Hub and app to create his own Smart home.

“Our home has quite a bit of networked Tech. We have a Logitech harmony remote, 4 airplay receivers, hifi in the main room & front lounge our bedroom & ensuite, a raspberry pi zero with a JustBoom amp in the bathroom ceiling, Honeywell Evo home working the heating and a front door ring doorbell.

We have the nCube Home running lights, hot water & home security. All of these are connected to our phones & also to an iPad mounted in the pillar by the kitchen island (see photo).  The iPad runs the nCube app as well as other Smart Home apps so we can control everything throughout the house.


One of the Home Automation we enjoy the most in our family home is the Entertainment Cube.  The smart devices we use for this are:

  • nCube smart home hub and app
  • 2 Fibaro Dimmer
  • 2 Aeotec Module

This Cube controls 4 lighting circuits each set to a different brightness level so the mood is consistence throughout the living area downstairs. It's great as with one touch the living space is exactly how we like it instead of walking round four different dimmer switches getting it the way we like each evening.

The settings are as follows:

  • Lounge area ceiling lights via a fibaro dimmer to 14 %
  • Dining / kitchen lights via a fibaro dimmer to 18 %
  • Led strip under the kitchen island counter via an aeotec module
  • Led the lights outside in the patio walls via an aeotec module

The outside lights are also set to come on automatically 20 minutes before sunset and to go off at midnight which is particularly useful for visitors coming around if we’ve forgotten to turn the lights on outside as our front door is quite far back from the street.

At Christmas, we had all the Christmas lights connected up to nCube using WeMo smart plugs which made things a whole load easier than crawling under the tree twice a day to turn the socket on and off.

We’re looking at installing the Sensative Strips for monitoring the doors and windows.  These devices are perfect for us as our house has aluminium frames which I’m loath to drill and screw into so being sticky-backed makes the installation much much more convenient for us.  Even better, as they’re designed to fit between the door/window and the frame we will avoid having ugly things attached to the visible part of the doors & windows.

We live in a time where building your own smart home has never been easy and affordable and I am happy to be able to enjoy the convenience I get from it. I can’t wait for nCube to keep adding more compatible smart devices so I can enjoy home automation even more.” Richard

What Home Automation do you use in your home?

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  • nCube Team

    Thanks for the comment. We’re working on both Alexa & Tado and should have them done in a few weeks. We are working on getting more real case studies and reviews as well.

  • Milko George

    Thanks ncube team, that was an useful use case. I would definitely like to read more about using ncube as a security controller in the house as this is one of the uses that’s critical for me. Also Tado and Amazon Alexa integrations are quite important, so I was wondering if they have been already implemented? By the way, I was thinking of having a tablet installed in my bedroom to control ncube, so this confirmation from the use case was really useful!
    And, apologies for the unsolicited piece of advice, you guys really need to ramp up your communications. I really look forward to see more reviews, use cases, Reddit presence, etc – the relative radio silence around your platform was (I think it’s not anymore, I’m almost convinced) a major concern for me.

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