How to set up your Christmas Smart Home decoration with the nCube

December is already here and Christmas is just around the corner. it’s this time of the year we all enjoy and look forward to. Whether we are grown-ups or kids, the holiday season has something special for all of us. It’s the perfect occasion to put on hold our busy lifestyle and spend some quality time with our loved ones. It’s also the season, where we all enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations.

I would like to give you some advice on how to set up your Christmas lights and decoration to put you in the right mood. It will also help you reduce on your energy consumption!

What you will need:

Your nCube hub and app.


Some smart d-link plugs or Wemo: You can use them to plug the Christmas lights or other lights/devices around the room.


Some Philips hue strips: You can place them around the room, the fireplace or door.

Some coloured bulbs Philips hue, LIFX or Mipow: You can place in the different lamps around the room


Mipow Candles: You can place on the dinner table 


Christmas lights (any): that you can place on your Christmas tree or around the window, doors, fireplace

An electric fireplace: that you can plug into a D-link or Wemo smart plug


Your favourite Christmas Track that you can set up on your Sonos


The scenario

When you play the Christmas dinner cube (automation) or when the condition you set is triggered (it could be at a specific time, day, or sun related, or if someone came or left home or if another device is triggered) - your Christmas tree lights and the lights around the room will switch on, the candles on the table will switch on to red, the Philips hue strips will switch to green, and the other coloured lamps to pink or to any colour of your choice. The electric fireplace will start and your favourite Christmas track will start playing. The perfect mood for your Christmas dinner!

How to set it up

Here are the 3 steps to do with your nCube Home app

 Step 1: Go to your dashboard and go to CUBES, then click the + sign. This is where you will name your Cube and click to Save.

Step 2: You will get to your second step where you will have to define the conditions or the “WHEN” you want the Christmas dinner cube to happen

  • You can schedule it in advance on a specific time or sunset and on a specific day of the week.
  • You can schedule it to happen only when another device is triggered (ex: when your Christmas lights are on or when you play your favourite Christmas music track or when you switch on a specific lamp.)
  • You can schedule it to happen as soon as you get home
  • You can schedule it to happen when another cube (or automation) happens.
  • Or you can play the cube whenever you want (by simply clicking the play sign in the list of cubes on the dashboard)

Note that if you want to add several conditions, you need to click on the add button next to “WHEN"Step 3:  This is where you will have to select the different devices to do something specific.

When you get back to the main page, you will have to click on the + signs next to “DO THIS”.

  • Tell the D-link or wemo smart plugs attached to your Christmas tree lights to switch ON
  • Tell the D-link or wemo smart plugs attached to the other Christmas lights around the room to switch ON
  • Tell the Philips hue strips to switch on to the green colour
  • Tell the different smart coloured bulbs around the room to switch to pink.
  • Tell the Mipow candle on your dinner table to switch on to pink
  • Tell the Sonos speaker to play your favourite Christmas track at the volume you wish
  • Tell the D-link or Wemo smart plugs attached to your electric fireplace to switch ON

Note that every time you tell a new device to do something, you will need to click on the add button next to “DO THIS”

We hope you enjoy the Christmas season with your family and your loved ones.

If you have questions about how to set up the automations, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be very happy to help!


Happy Holidays!

nCube Team


  • Ncube Home

    Hi Peter, yes you can use the Fibaro, Aeon, Qubino or Nodon relays.

  • Colin Failes

    Hohoho! I’ve now got my Christmas Tree up and wrapped in LED lights, connected to a D-LINK DCH-Z210 Z-Wave mains plug.

    My nCube is taking control of switching the lights on and off to my schedule, adjusting automatically in line with the sunrise and sunset times for my town.

    If I fancy adding some Christmas sparkle during the day, I go to my iPhone app and switch the lights on remotely. No more fiddling around under the tree getting covered in needles! Thank you nCube team – I’m glad I bought one from you guys at the Grand Designs show in Birmingham.

  • Peter webb

    Hi, I’m looking at ways to use the ncube with my lighting, are there any ways in which to add something, to the lighting circuits for each room to make them wireless. If so, can you recommend a product.
    Many thanks

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