How to make your Home Really Creepy this Halloween?



This is the time of the year again when all the kids are really excited about which character they can be and when all the parents start getting ready to decorate their home for their trick or treat visitors. So why not do things a bit differently this year? After all, we are at this time when technology allows us to make things easier and better. So let’s have fun and see how we can get you ready for this Halloween using your smart home devices.

This is the haunted house scenario: when the visitors approach your home and as they get closer to your door, the Fibaro motion detector will send a signal to all the bulbs in your pumpkins to switch off or to change colour to dark orange, then all the lights in your home will switch off, the Sonos speaker will turn on to the scary tune of someone laughing hysterically, and the TV will switch on to the perfect scene of a horror movie. You can also plug your projector to a smart plug in device so it switches on to project a scary image on your wall.

 What you will Need (Devices)

Other Stuff that you might need

  • A few pumpkins
  • A soundtrack of scary laugh
  • A Scary scene of your favourite horror movies
  • A projector or a TV with a scary image




Let’s get started and set up your Haunted House Cube

  1. Cut the pumpkins in different shapes, get creative and do them all different
  2. Place a Hue Go in each of the pumpkins and set them to different colours.
  3. Place a Fibaro Motion detector close to your entrance.
  4. Place a Sonos speaker close to the door
  5. Place a few smart bulbs in the different rooms in your house.
  6. Plug your TV to a Belkin wemo or D-Link smart plug and place it close to your window so they can see it from the window
  7. Place your projector close to the door with a scary image and plug it to a Belkin wemo or D-Link smart plug.


Here are the steps to do with your nCube Home app

 Step 1: Go to your dashboard and go to CUBES, then click the + sign. This is where you will name you Cube: Haunted House and then click to save.



Step 2: You will get to your second steps where you will have to define the “WHEN” conditions

  • Click on “WHEN”, then on “Device is triggered” and then look for the Fibaro motion detector that you will place close to your door and click to “Save”
  • Click on “WHEN” then on “Sun related” and then choose after Sunset.


Step 3:  This is where you will have to select the different devices to do something specific.

When you get back to the main page, you will have to click on the + signs next to “DO THIS”.


  • Tell the different Hue Go in the pumpkins to switch to dark Orange.
  • Switch off all the lights in your house (you will need a smart bulb in each room) or you can plug a few lamps in a 4-gang plugged into a wemo or D-Link smart plug.
  • Then tell the Sonos speaker to play the scary track at a high volume
  • Tell the smart plug in attached to your TV to switch on.
  • Tell the other smart plug in attached to your projector to switch on (it will project the scary image on the wall visible when you open the door).


There you go, you will be all set for this Halloween using the new smart home technology! 


We wish you a scary Halloween from the nCube Team!







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