This article was sent by an nCube Home customer. We are so grateful for her sharing her personal story.

When I was young, I used to live in an old farm house in Great Alne with my parents. I had a very nice and calm childhood. I helped my parents taking care of the farm and my father taught me how to raise and take care of all kinds of animals: cows, horses and chicken. 

However, when I reached my 18 years old and it was time for me to decide about my future, I decided to go to the city to pursue my dream and study to become a veterinary. I studied at the university of Cambridge and started a job as an assistant in the same city. After a few years, I decided to open my own clinic and had the privilege to become one of the most renown veterinary in the region. Since then, it was hard for me to go back and live in the same village as my parents. I somehow, manage to visit them at least once a month since I left them.


Now, my parents are becoming older and it makes me sad not to be able to be closer to them whenever they need me. Furthermore, a few months ago, my mom broke her leg and she had to stay in a wheelchair for over 6 months. She got very frustrated because she has always been a very independent woman and doesn't like anyone to do things for her. Additionally, we have many steps in our old farm house. So getting around the house was a real nightmare for her, being stuck in a wheelchair and depending on my father for doing everything for her even the most basic things such as turning on and off the lights.


Having little choice, she set aside her pride and learned to accept help from others. My father was fully dedicated to help her and assist her in anything she needed until one day he had to leave the farm for an urgent matter…. and there she was, completely alone claiming that she knows how to take care of herself and refused to have a nurse over for a few weeks until my father is back.

Very uncomfortable, my father left the farm turning the lights off behind him leaving my mom in the dark, both literally and figuratively. Feeling helpless, she decided to keep the lights on day and night as long as she was alone in the house. She was also unable to control the thermostat and needless to say that the energy bill increased dramatically. 

Unable to leave my work and my own family, I felt completely paralysed and I needed to find a quick solution. My mom always took really good care of me and I felt completely helpless because I couldn't be here for her when she needed me the most. I needed to fix 2 issues in one, make her feel independent again and at the same time allow her to do the basic things in the house such as turning on and off the lights, the heat, the TV and the music.


One of my friends told me about the new trends of home automation systems. I had a slight idea about smart homes, but I thought this was only available for new and modern houses and was certain that I couldn't afford the price. After comparing several companies, I decided to go for nCube Home based on it’s privacy features, very user friendly app, stylish design and most of all, its affordability. On top of that, nCube doesn't require a specific installation, I could do it myself (DIY) and it didn't matter if the house was new or old. 

Once I bought the nCube and installed it in my parents house, I showed my mom how to use the very easy app. Even though, she is not a very technological person, she found it very easy to control it. And within no time, she regained fully control of the house. She is now able to adjust the lights, the heat, turn on the TV and the radio.

But one of the best features of nCube Home, is its its ability to set up “cubes”. Cubes are some pre set routines or home automation depending on the needs of each homeowner. I created a few cubes to my mom’s needs such as “ the perfect wake up” that turns on her bedroom’s light at 8 am, turns on the coffee machine and the radio to her favourite morning show. Another cube that I created was the “Afternoon tea” which turns on the thermostat to the perfect temperature, turn on the kettle for her tea and the TV to her favourite afternoon soap opera. Your imagination becomes endless when it comes to creating cubes for your specific needs.

My mom was extremely happy about regaining back a part of her independence and was truly feeling better. I, on the other hand, felt so much better knowing that my mom is able to control the basic stuff at home and automatically felt less guilty about not being able to stay with her until my father was back home. I am so grateful for companies like nCube Home that will truly make you life easier and better.

If you are interested in finding out how nCube Home can be extremely useful in your own home, contact nCube Home : today and they would be very happy to help you set up a safer, comfortable and convenient home.

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