It’s already happened to your phones, from smart blinds that automatically open to smart kettles that start boiling as your alarm goes off, it’s clear that things are about to get a lot ‘smarter’ in our homes. Here’s what you need to know about smart devices as well as some of our favourite ideas around connective homes...

what does "Smart" Mean

‘Smart’ or ‘Smart devices’ refer to electronic devices that can connect or talk to other each in order to interact or act autonomously. It might sound very cutting edge technology but connected homes is not a new concept and has actually been around for years and we will be seeing it a lot more in the future in many areas of our day-to-day lives.

How do Smart Devices Help?

For most people, the easiest example is actually their very own mobile phone. Through Bluetooth, WiFi or any other kind of network, smartphones allow us to connect to other devices or even the internet to shop, browse or just learn more about things that matter to us. Other great example would be smart cars. Many newer cars have dashboards that have Sat-Nav navigation, dashboards that display tyre pressure, that tell you when the car will need a service, when it’s due for another oil change, automatic parking and even call ‘999’ automatically in the event of a crash.

That very same technology is already used in homes across the world and is set increase in the next few years. Let’s take a look at 3 of the smart home examples that you can use in your home today...

Our Favourite Smart Ideas for The Home

Smart Blinds

You may have already seen these in movies but being able to control your blinds by remote or by your phone is very much real for people today. By connecting by Bluetooth or by WiFi, most smart blind systems allow you to control blinds from anywhere in your house, when you are out and about or even in another country. This level of flexibility can benefit people who really want to have a home that is modern and ready to get connected.


Smart Rooms

Being able to open and close your fridge door, turning on your central heating while at work or even turning on or dimming your lights by your phone may seem like a joke, but it is very much a possibly with smart room technology. By connecting appliances to your network you can make it as simple as a few clicks to be able to have your home nice and warm overtime you walk through the door or to always have your room lit just right.


Smart Kettles and Showers

Some of our favourite devices can use set rules that if something happens, then it will trigger something else to happen. Most of us enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the morning to help us get going, so kettles that only self-boil IF your alarm goes off and you don’t press snooze sound incredibly useful. How about showers that will automatically start IF you aren’t running late? While they might sound space age ideas, they are actually things that you can get now and can look forward to seeing more of in the future.

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