We’ve had lots of great feedback from our beta users and as promised are now offering more home devices to use with the nCube.

We’re also offering more package choices now – whether you want to start with plug-in control, lighting control or a simple heating & hot water control.

With four of the energy companies increasing their prices by an average of 9% just in time for winter (ouch), now is a great time to save energy by being able to control heating (per room) & hot water; by clever control of lighting and to save consumption by all those idle-power devices.

Hive reckoned on saving £150.00 by using an app to control heating, but what if you could achieve twice that by properly controlling heating per room let alone by being aware of which electrical items are really taking all the energy. (Disclaimer, we can’t guarantee twice the saving as that’s very dependent on your current set up).

Even better, DECC research highlights that between 9% and 16% (they reckon that’s £50.00 to £86.00) can be saved by not leaving idle-power devices powered up (TVs, entertainment equipment, flat screen displays, chargers, etc) – with the nCube plug-in devices, you can measure the consumption and set a schedule for deciding when idle devices are powered or not; for example set a schedule to power off the TV and entertainment gear from 9.00am to 4.00pm so it’s still ready when the children come home from school.

We’re also now offering a choice of simpler nCube packages as well as individual device purchase. The whole system is flexible allowing you to buy more devices as and when you wish and easily add them in yourself. In fact you don’t even need to buy additional devices from us – but we’d love it if you did.


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