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We've just overhauled our website and introduced new devices. The whole purchase experience has been improved to make it easier to navigate the different packages and various devices and to provide more information on what nCube does. We've also been working hard on new features and devices such as the TKBHome dual-paddle device and the Everspring smoke sensor.

Wired event.

Right at the end of April we were lucky to be invited to showcase within the Cisco Internet of Everything exhibition as part of the Wired Health event in London - the picture shows the nCube house on display. 

Attendees were able to turn things on and off, set heating schedules and monitor energy information. Little known is that once set up, nCube can work offline which we proved successful as the hub was not connected to the Internet. 

Also we must be unique in displaying christmas lights out of season.

We have also reduced our prices - check out the packages and individual devices - and for the first time it's now possible to buy the nCube hub on it's own either because you already have compatible devices (any of the ones we sell which you might already have from elsewhere) or wish to choose your own set instead of the packs we've defined.








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