Phil was pleased to be invited by Bill Harpley to speak at the last (June 20th) Brighton IoT meet up where over a hundred enthusiasts gathered to hear the latest on the industry. 

According to the market research company Markets & Markets, the global value of the Smart Homes market is expected to reach US$122 Billion dollars by 2022. This includes a very broad range of products such as lighting control, security & access control, HVAC control, entertainment & controls, home healthcare, and smart kitchens. 

During the session, several innovation aspects of smart homes were explored. The speakers were respectively Roberto Hortal, head of connected homes at EDF energy who talked about the EDF blue lab and its fostering innovation, the kind of connected home the people really want and who are the people who really wants a connected home. Roberto started with a discussion of the key market segments such as educated families and the need for technology to blend in. 

Philip Steele, CEO and founder of nCube home talked about the different challenges faced when launching a startup business in the smart home industry as well as a snapshot of the design features and usability of the nCube app. Claire Potter, who runs her own design consultancy in Brighton and teaches design part-time at Sussex university, talked about the link between smart home products and sustainability. Finally Andrew Crawford, talked about Bote Projects and it relevance to smart homes by getting everyone to pass coloured balls round the room simulating the differences between highly intelligent heating solutions, automated heating solutions and legacy dumb systems.


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