Working at nCube comes with a lot of dreams and ambitions. 
One of our tech-enthusiastic employees has indulged into a fantasy of what a perfect day with the smartest of homes would look like ;)

You were on holiday over the weekend, so you activated a "lived-in" mode for your home, with all your devices simulating their usual activities to prevent anybody from breaking in. Every evening, you received a text that everything was alright.


On Sunday, a motion sensor detected some commotion, so your Wi-Fi autoconnected a camera to take a picture of your house and sent it to you along with a push notification about the movement.


At one point, the motion went on for longer than usual, so the camera switched to video mode, collected all available data about the house and sent you a text and a police-compliant report about a potential intruder who turned out to be... the neighbour's cat.


5 minutes before your alarm on Monday, the iKettle starts boiling. A small drone brings a teacup and a bag, pushes the water into it and flies it to your bed as soon as the alarm goes off. It even reads a preprogrammed good morning message to you.


Meanwhile, your smart home has already checked the contents of the fridge. As you enter the kitchen, it sends you a notification with 3 recipes that you could scramble together with the remaining items in it.


As you get on the limo that'll take you to work, you just have to snap your fingers to have lights arranging a smooth glow on the inside and your favourite internet radio station coming on.


When you get to work, an arduino board is already carrying out some projects on its own and delivers the accumulated data of last night's results neatly to your desk and e-mail inbox.


While you're still at work, your kids return home from school. One of them has an account to your smart home from you - although currently you've only allowed them to use a device to water the plants and a fishbowl bubble controller.


When the sun sets, a flying drone lets you know that it has preheated the floor in your bathroom and that the jacuzzi ready. As you slip into the perfectly temperated water, the live cam on the nearest ocean activates itself and projects the sunset on the wall in front of you.


... What do you think? 


We'd love to hear your opinion on Smart Home devices in our short (5 min) survey - it's fast, fun and will probably help bring along a future like the one just described ;)



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