Holidays are finally here, you have been working hard for so long and now there is only one thing in your mind: how to relax, enjoy your time and have total peace of mind. So you start packing all your things thinking only about the beach, the margaritas and the blast you will have; and whilst you head to the airport extremely excited and not caring about one single thing, a big reality check bursts you out of your bubble…. Did I leave the iron On? Did I switch off the lights? What about the blinds, did I lower them? Did I properly lock the door when I left? And you start panicking because you just realised you made your home the best target for a break in.

We, at nCube Home, want to make your vacation as pleasant as possible and help you relax. This is why we will show you how to set up the perfect “Cube” (a term that we use at nCube for getting a specific scene at a specific time) to make your home have a Lived-in feel and remove all that stress away.

This is what you could do:

  • Blinds: Set your Blinds to raise and lower at specific times and even related to Sunrise and Sunset
  • Lights: Set your lights to switch On and Off at specific times and even related to sunrise and sunset
  • Music: Set your Music to Play at specific times
  • Plugged-in: Set you TV to turn On at specific times
  • Doorbell: play a recorded conversation between 2 people or the music to play when someone rings the doorbell.

This is one of the many ideas you could do when you go away on holiday and want to make sure no one will break-in. Additionally, you can monitor your whole home from the app and make sure that everything is under control. For instance, if you forgot to switch off the light or unplug your Iron, don’t panic, just do it with the nCube app.

Have a great and relaxing long weekend!

nCube Team


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