7 Fun and useful things to do with your Smart Lights.

From Hue, to Lifx, to Mipow playbulb, to other Z-wave devices and more, there are so many smart lightbulbs out there. They’re probably not going to change anyone’s life, but they are for sure fun and useful devices to have in our smart homes. One of the many things we can do with them is set the perfect mood for a dinner party or a movie night or have them switch on automatically when we walk in the room. But aside from creating the perfect atmosphere, smart bulbs prove to be an amazing security measure when you are away on holiday.

Here are 7 fun and useful things you can do with your smart bulbs using the nCube app.


  1. You can set them up to slowly turn them down at night for the children’s comfort.

For anyone who has children, you probably know how useful this can be. When our children go to bed, they take some time to get to sleep and always want the lights left on. So, I created this automation where I scheduled the lights in their room to dim when it’s their bed time and then to switch completely off a couple of hours later once they’re sleeping.

You can create this automation (we call them Cubes) to dim the lights at the time where your kids normally go to bed and then create a second Cube to switch them off later.



  1. You can group your lights to create your favourite mood…

 Depending on your mood, you can group your lights to do something specific. Let’s say for example, it’s a very cloudy day outside and it feels pretty much dark and ugly inside, you can group your lights to switch on to a natural, warm, light to give you the feeling of a sunny and beautiful day outside and completely change your atmosphere!



 But on the other hand, if, let’s say it’s dark outside and you want to prepare the atmosphere for a nice evening dinner with your friends, you can group your lights to switch on to a dark red for a warm feeling.



A third idea is to make it easy to switch off all the smart bulbs in your house when you are leaving your home with one simple click.


You can play theses 3 Cubes at any time you wish and depending on your mood and situation by simply clicking on the play button in the list of Cubes.  The nCube Dashboard is designed so that only your favourite Cubes are shown so as soon as you open the app it’s a litteraly a single click to turn all the lights off throughout the home – far easier than rushing round checking before you go out.


  1. Have them set to the best brightness and colour according to time of day

You can also set your smart bulbs to switch on to a certain colour and brightness at a specific time and day. Let’s say for example, you usually wake up at 7 am to go to work during the weekdays and you would like to wake up to a dimmed light until you get your eyes ready for the bright lights (my children always complain when they come down that the kitchen lights are too bright). You can set a Cube where your light will switch on at a specific time to a low brightness and colour of your choice.



  1. Have them react to your presence

 You can also have your lights react to your presence. Make them switch on as soon as you get home after a long day for a warm welcome home. You can trigger the lights in 2 different ways: either by a motion sensor or through your mobile being connected to your home networks as soon as you get home.




  1. Ambient lights for Movie time

Or Let’s say you want to create a “Movie Night”, you can have all your lights to switch off and keep only one red and dimmed light whenever you switch on your TV.


  1. To make the home appear lived-in.

We’re all concerned about security – if we’re coming back late, or if we’re away for the night should I leave a light on.  And if you do it’ll look odd being left on during the day and after say midnight to breakfast.  So using your smart lights to create a Lived-in feel at home while you are away or on vacation for Peace of Mind is a great benefit. To do that, you can create a Cube to schedule your different light bulbs to switch on and off at different times and days throughout the weekend and this can be related to sunset so it’s always just right each day, week, month.



  1. For security - react to a break-in.

Finally, you can use the Lights to scare away an intruder. Let’s say someone breaks in into your house and suddenly sees all your lights switching on, they will surely change their mind and be heading back from where they came from! To do that, you simply automate your bulbs to switch on whenever your door/window sensors are triggered and you’re not at home.



You are probably able to do some of these automations using the smart bulbs' own app. However, with the nCube app, you are able to use all your favourite smart bulbs together and with other smart devices in your home and create additional automations. nCube Home is compatible with Philips Hue Bulbs, LIFX, Mipow and other Z-wave light bulbs such as Zipato and Domitech.

I gathered some interesting information about the different smart bulbs in the market to help you choose the brand that suits you better.














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