5 reasons why you should control your home with One Single App rather than several

Recently we‘ve been hearing about lots of new devices coming to the smart home market and that’s only exciting news! The list of benefits that we get from these devices is only getting bigger and better.  Furthermore, the variety of choices gives you the flexibility to choose the brands and devices that suits you better. From lighting, to heating, to entertainment and security, there is a smart device that fits different lifestyles.

However, when we start adopting lots of devices to control our home, we start getting too many apps on our phone and the convenience we get from them starts switching to an inconvenience…

 1) Too Many apps on our phone makes our phone look crowded

 When we start adopting many smart devices for our home, such as lighting, heating, entertainment, security and more, our phone becomes crowded with different apps and starts looking like this:


 By using One Single app that is able to control all the smart devices in your home, your phone will be cleaner and not loaded with lots of apps.


 2) Controlling each device from its own app is time consuming.

One of the main advantages of getting a smart device to control it from an app is to save time and do things quickly and easily. However, when we start having lots of apps, we need to dig into our smart phone to find the proper one, open it and do whatever we have to do. Imagine having to do that for your lights, then for your heating, then for the security and your entertainment…. It doesn’t seem as smart as it says. Does it?

Using One single app allows you to get rid of all the different apps on your phone and will help you save lots of time and energy.


3) Controlling each device from its own app gives a different user experience and becomes confusing

Controlling each device from its own app, also means that we need to get used to the functionality of each app to get the devices to do the things we want them to do. And believe me, each one of them is designed very differently from another which makes it a little bit too confusing…

Using one single app to control different devices will give you the same user experience making your life simple and less confusing.


4) By having a different app for each smart device, we are not able to make them speak to each other and do smart things like home automation.

 When you have several types of smart devices in your home, you get to control them from home or remotely and make things easier for you. However, you won’t be able to make them speak to each other and take full advantage of the smart home technology.

To truly enjoy a smart home, you should be able to connect these smart devices together and make them work in harmony. Then, you would be able to do any automation you wish such as a warm welcome home, a relaxed wakeup, an intruder deterrent, a lived in feel and many more.

By using one single app to control all your smart devices, you will be able to automate your home and make several devices do things at the same time. You can also let a device trigger another device. For example, if your motion detector is triggered and you are not at home, it will tell your speaker to start playing very loudly as a deterrent, the lights to start switching on and off, and to send you a text message to inform you that someone you are not expecting just got into your home.

5) By having many apps, the different users are not able to select their favourite ones

 If you have a family, then you are probably sharing your smart home with several members. When you have several apps on your phone, the different users are not able to select their favourite App.

By using one single app, each user will be able to select their own favourite devices that will appear on the first page of their dashboard.

Using one single app is clearly more advantageous that having several apps on your phone. Not only it will make your life easier, but It will also allow you to enjoy a smart home to the fullest.










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