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Websites can be an important first impression for customers looking to hire a trade. Eye-catching and engaging content is important not only to show off what your company does, but also help you rank better in google searches and be found more. Let’s take a look at 3 ways to create great content for your website.

Start a Blog

Blogs are a great way to create extra backlinks while at the same time, creating interesting articles that can inform potential customers about what matters to your business and why. A blog can allow a business to have a voice and a personality. Content that give customers a better understanding of how and why your business operates can help your company stand out from competitors and instill trust in your brand.

Use High quality photos and albums

Posting high quality photos is a great way to make your website stand out. Images not only help your site rank higher in google searches but also allow you to better demonstrate the services that you can offer to people. Great content should always make it easier for people to absorb your message. It is much easier to grab and keep the attention of readers with a picture than it is with blocks of text, and with the rise of social media it has become more and more important to show, rather than tell. 

Upload videos of your work

Videos can be an gauging way of getting your message across to customers through different channels. Content that shows off both your work and personality can really help people put a name to the face or voice when customers come in contact with you, and help you stand out. Video content is unique in that takes more effort than other options but it also can yield the most return, as it can be used as an interesting USP depending on how it is used.

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