More and more of us are using smartphones and technology in their homes, so it has never been more important for trades to get the most out of tech to keep themselves ahead of the game. We take a look at 3 big reasons why technology is important to trades, and how it will become more important in the future…


Homeowners are becoming busier and busier, and sometimes just don't have time for a phone call. Tech is becoming more and more important to tradesmen as people have started to find their ideal tradesmen in different ways, most of them being digital and that trend is only set to grow as technology continues to make reaching out to people easier and easier.

3 Big Ways Tech Can Help Trades

Tech Helps Trades Run their Businesses

Paperwork is something that has always been hard for trades to keep track off while they stay busy. With so many ways to handle their invoices in an easy and professional way, technology allows trades to be more efficient with their time while at the same time as well stand out with custom quotes and invoices that can help win more trust in customers.

Tech Helps Trades Win More Work

As smartphones have become more and more capable, trades have be given more access to great apps that help them run their businesses. Some of the stand out Apps that are worth recommending are Dulux’s Visualiser app

EZY Watermarking is a quick and easy tool that allows trades to watermark and brand their photos. With this, they can use the images of the great work they do day in, day out to show other customers what they can do while keeping their hard work safe, and we see apps like this continuing to help trades in a big way.

Tech Helps Trades Stay Ahead Of the Game

Profession trades need professional websites, as there has been a clear shift over the last 3-5 years of people no longer reaching for the phonebook straight away and heading online to find a local trade. It’s becoming more and more important to have flexible and mobile friendly websites that can demonstrate the word they do and give homeowners a method of contacting them other than just a phone number. Trades aren’t always able to get to the phone, so other forms of contact such as social media are a great way to stand out.


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