Thanks for passing by to hear more about nCube and for your patience while we’ve been putting the finishing touches to our beta-launch. The good news is it’s now here we’re offering beta pricing for the next month.

nCube is a discrete Smart Home Energy Management solution - it gives you control of your lighting, heating and hot water, plus plugged-in gear. At the same time it tracks the energy that each of them uses, so you can pinpoint the best ways to make savings.

Did you know… Heating and Hot Water consume the most energy in the home. That’s why we have decided to start off with a full package for flexible zoned heating and hot water (plus a plug-in control so you can, for example, save energy used by idle devices such entertainment gear or home office devices). With this package you’re going far beyond what is possible with the Hive product. (In case you were wondering, nCube also supports lighting and remote security monitoring; you can add other devices whenever you want.)
We need you… We are a young, innovative business and we need early adopters like you to make the most of using nCube and help us improve the solution and make it ever better.




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