I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the energy companies all increased their prices by an average of 9%, but what you might not know is they’ve already risen by 30% in the past 3 years – no, wait, in fact they’ve gone up 60% over the past 6 years. The government may have just dragged the energy companies in for a mauling, but with that trend rate is there any chance energy prices will stop rising at this sort of trajectory?

There’s three ways to save energy costs – switch to another supplier (erm, who exactly – they ALL raised prices), make your house more efficient – ok, DONE that) or know more about where your energy costs are going and work out where you can save energy.

Although nCube is a Smart Home product, the difference is that saving energy is our mantra and we’ve therefore built energy information right through the whole experience such as our ‘Billiard Balls’ and the ‘Energy Leaderboard’.

Who’s the biggest culprit in your house – let me guess, the children leaving everything turned on – and can you tell them not to – not likely. Some of our beta customers are actually using the Energy Leaderboard to incentivise the children with rewards based on how much they save each month.

The Energy Leaderboard summarises the energy saving month by month per person in the house – we do this by calculating the energy used by the various devices in the home.

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