We barely slowed down over the holiday period keeping up with queries and orders and getting great feedback from people using their nCube to control their christmas lights, turn down the heating whilst out partying and saving energy used by devices on idle now that the energy companies rises have all happened.

A common question we’ve received is how many devices should you buy and does it matter which starter-pack you begin with and how easy is it to add more devices at a later date. For example if I have a house with 15 radiators do I need to purchase 15 radiator valves – that would be pretty expensive.

The hub is the same irrespective of the starter package purchased and if you buy more plug-in devices, or lighting devices or heating controls, these are setup simply by accessing the settings menu – it takes about a minute.
On the subject of saving energy costs with the radiator valves, the easiest and highest saving is to focus on just a couple of rooms – say the bedrooms as these are typically not used during the day time. If someone is at home most of the day they’re usually downstairs so why heat the bedrooms too? The children are back at 4.00pm so schedule their rooms to warm up around 3.30pm. nCube provides flexible schedules per radiator so you have complete control over heating costs.
A similar question is how many of the plug-in devices to use to save energy used by devices left on idle; for example if the home office equipment consists of printer, monitor, laptop charger, mobile charger, etc you could buy four devices – but it’s possible to buy one plug-in device to control a 4-gang power bar. The same goes for deciding that the TV, Blueray player, Set-top-Box, Amplifier, etc don’t need to be using idle power between say 9.00am and 4.00pm and midnight through to 7.00am – again, set up one plug-in device to control the whole 4-gang power bar.

As nCube supports a wide range of devices then if you’ve already got decent heating controls or even have something like Hive, you can still use nCube for everything else. You can even use it to control the radiator valves whilst Hive manages the boiler – it’s not essential to use both the nCube boiler controls with the nCube radiator valves.

We’re leaving the prices at the beta-price level for the whole of January.

To get your nCube at the special beta launch discount price go to my-ncube.com





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