The Set Up

How to get a smart home in 3 easy steps

  • Get the nCube smart home hub
  • Download the nCube smart home app
  • Connect your smart devices
nCube Home is the brain of your home

nCube turns any house into a smart home, so you can take advantage of the latest tech regardless of your level of expertise. Control all of your smart home technology with our easy to use smart home hub. Simply plug it into your router, set it up with all of your devices and never worry about it again. You can purchase your own nCube through the store on our site or on Amazon

What it does

nCube connects all of your devices regardless of their communication protocol, be it WiFi, LAN, Z-Wave, Zigbee or even Bluetooth, creating an intuitive and liveable smart home – it takes the guessing game out of wondering what will and won’t work for your home.

How it can improve your home

The nCube smart home hub can improve your home by giving you the ability to control everything, from your lights to your thermostat, with a simple-to-use app on your phone. You can choose to do things as you think about them or, automate your home, setting your TV to turn on and off at specific times and telling your music when to play. Through automation, the nCube hub even has the ability to save you money through energy management. Set times for your hot water to be turned on or off, decide what temperature the thermostat should be set at and of course control the lights in your house as well – all things that will contribute to a lower bill at the end of the month, saving the environment in the process. Where else can you save money and peace of mind? Safety and security. Connect cameras to your nCube and it can be your eyes and ears, no matter where in the world you are. The options are limitless with nCube, and the ways in which it can improve your home and way of life.

Get your nCube Hub
The nCube app is your home’s universal remote

Having everything in one place, easy and accessible, is what having a smart home is all about. With the nCube app, everything in your house is just one click on your phone away. Through the app, you are able to see a list of all of your devices and click through to control how you are using each one. Through the app you can automate your devices and even organise them based on rooms. Everything is kept safe and secure, as your nCube account is password protected to ensure your home and data’s security. The nCube app is available to download for free on the App store and Google Play.

Get your nCube Hub
Set up your nCube app and never have to worry about it again

Once you’ve connected your nCube smart home Hub and downloaded the nCube app, it’s time to connect all of your devices and create the smart home of your dreams.

Connecting things on your home network

Devices that have their own app such as Nest, Hue, LIFX, Belkin, Sonos, Tado should first be set up and working using their own app, then set up in the nCube app. The only time you will have to use their individual apps again is for software updates.

Z-Wave & Zigbee devices

Z-wave & Zigbee devices are a bit different than the others, as they have no individual app – therefore, the nCube hub and app is the only place they need to be connected to, because of this there a couple of extra steps that need to be followed when connecting these devices, which are easily outlined in our user guide.

Personalise your experience

Once all of your devices are loaded onto the nCube app, you have the ability to change their names, choose favourites, organise devices how you see fit and delete them from the list as needed. The app is simple, intuitive and ready to assist.

Get your nCube Hub
The Functions

Manage your entire house from our App

No matter where you are in your home, the nCube can serve an important purpose. Discover what it’s like to live in an environment that you control, providing you with the ultimate comfort and convenience.


There’s no worse feeling then getting into bed and realising you’ve forgotten to turn a light off downstairs. With the nCube app, control your home, all from the comfort of your bed and let turning off the lights, be the least of your worries.

What you can control:

Door Locks

See Our Case Studies

Listen to music while you cook and control all of the outlets, turning on appliances as you need them in your smart kitchen. Keep the nCube app on hand to manage it all and focus on the delicious meal you’re making.

What you can control:


See Our Case Studies

Keep watch on everything in the house as you work and rest easy knowing you have full access to your home through the nCube app.

What you can control:

Door Locks

See Our Case Studies
Living Room

Your living room is entertainment central, and for all of your entertaining needs, there’s nCube to create a seamless experience. Whether you’re having a night in alone or with your friends and family it’s all sorted with a few touches on your screen.

What you can control:


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Home Security

Give the impression you are at home when you’re away through automation of your lights, TV and music at different times of the day while you’re away to dissuade intruders. Add another layer of security to your house with cameras and sensors that you can control and check on through the nCube app.

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Light Controlling

The nCube app allows you the capability to turn on and off lights, dim them and change their colours. The app also gives you the opportunity to automate the lights in your home to your personal preferences.

See all the devices
Devices Management

As the nCube runs on an open platform, with the capability to connect with over 100 products, chances are the ones you’ve chosen to put in your smart home can all be viewed on the nCube app. Once your devices are setup in the app, you are able to rename them, favourite them and organise them as you see fit – offering you complete customisation.

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Temperature Settings

With nCube, you can automate your home’s temperature as you see fit, determining what the temperature should be in each room at certain times – arriving home earlier than planned? Override the system, and cool or warm your home as you see fit. Having the ability to control the temperature in your home is not only convenient, but it can also help with monitoring energy consumption.

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Home Entertainment

From a movie night, to a romantic dinner or a house party, you can set the mood with one simple click. Control the lights, music and your TV to create the perfect environment for entertaining in your home.

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Tips & Tricks

Make amazing things happen with your nCube

The nCube hub serves a multitude of purposes in each room of your house, transforming it into the smart home of your dreams. These tips and tricks can help you make the most of your nCube and its connected technologies, streamlining your life so you can focus on the things that really matter.

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Studio
Starting the morning off right

Imagine waking up and entering a kitchen where the lights are on, the temperature is perfect, an uplifting playlist is playing and your coffee is brewed. With the nCube this can all be a reality with just a few clicks.

This is what you could do:

  • Lights: Set your lights to turn on every morning when you should be heading down for breakfast.
  • Temperature: Set your thermostat to lower or rise before you enter the room.
  • Music: Set your favourite morning playlist to play at a specific time.
  • Plugged-in: Set your coffee maker to turn on several minutes before you usually enter the kitchen by having it plugged into a smart plug.
Monitoring energy efficiently

Do any of your appliance cables ever feel warm? When appliances get older and aren’t using energy efficiently, a fire could break out at any time, putting your whole family in danger. Using smart plugs for all of your appliances can give you peace of mind knowing that you can check the energy reading from each and every appliance in your nCube app, and know when it’s time to replace them.

Another benefit of having everything attached to smart plugs, is that you’ll never have to wonder ‘Did I leave the oven on before I left the house?’ – using the nCube app, you can check which plugs are on or off and even group them together creating an ‘all off’ button in the app to press whenever you leave the house. Additionally, you can add a physical switch next to your front door that is attached to these appliances, which you can switch on and off as you enter or exit the house – it’s your smart home, so you get to decide what the best solution is for you.

Setting the mood for a romantic date night

Nothing is more romantic then a room where the mood is set from the moment you walk in. You invite the date and let nCube take care of the rest.

This is what you could do:

  • TV: Impress your date as you click your phone and the TV turns on and their favourite music is playing. Set your TV to turn off once the film is done.
  • Lights: Use the nCube app to set your lights to dim whenever you turn on your TV impressing your date further.
  • Music: Cue the music to play just as the TV turns off, so that the night doesn’t have to end.
Family night

Automate your nCube app to remember when family night is by having the lights set just how you want them in the living room. Attract your kid’s attention further by automating the lights in their room to go off when it’s time to go downstairs and join in on the fun.

Staying comfortable throughout the day

On a hot day in a UK home without air conditioning, curtains and blinds are a good way to stop the home from getting too warm. Using the weather information, configure your curtain and blind controls to automatically adjust through the day based on the weather forecast.

Make sure all is well before you go to sleep

Knowing that everything is as it should be would help anyone get better nights sleep. The nCube hub connects all your devices; therefore through the nCube app, you can check on everything before you go to sleep.

This is what you could do:
  • Lights: Make sure all of the lights in the house are turned off and if not do it with a simple click.
  • Door Lock: Make sure your door is locked.
  • Sensors and Alarms: Turn on all alarms and sensors so that you can rest easy
  • Cameras: Do one final check of the house and make sure everything is as it should be – catching any kid who’s up past their bedtime.
  • Temperature: Rest easy knowing that your house is set to the right temperature in every room. Change the temperature to make it warmer or colder as you see fit.
Set up a bedtime routine

Your room can help signal when it's time to go to sleep through the automation of a bedtime routine. Setup when your lights should shut off each night, set the thermostat to lower the temperature and program your TV so you can watch an episode of your favourite show before you get some shut eye.

Getting your kids to bed on the other hand isn’t always as easy...which is why we’ve come up with a clever automation sequence using nCube to help you out. Install an extra button in the living room that when activated, turns off the TV, turns the living room lights on, turns each kids bedroom lights on and plays a countdown music track – sending your kids a clear message that it’s time to go to bed.

A productive home office

The most important thing about a home office is knowing that everything is secure and that you can be productive. Thanks to the fact that the nCube stores everything inside itself, instead of in the cloud or within your smart home devices, you can get to work knowing your data is safe. Want to have the perfect home office? Here’s how.

This is what you could do:

  • Lights: Make sure all of the lights in the house are turned off and if not do it with a simple click.
  • Smart home assistant: Obtain the help of your very own assistant, Alexa, using an Amazon Echo device and always have someone on hand to answer your questions.
  • Sensors: Keep track of who comes in and out of the house so that you know when the house is empty and there will be no intruders. Take it a step further and have a text message sent to your phone, letting you know who in your family has just arrived.
  • Blinds: Don’t let the sunlight ruin a productive day, set your blinds to close when the sun should be at its highest so that you never have to lift a finger as you focus on more important things.
Shutting down for the day

At the end of a long day at work, don’t give shutting down your office another thought. Set up a smart switch that not only turns your office lights off, but everything else in the room as well. Set up the automation in nCube, so that when you flick of the lights, your desk lamp turns off, the radiator is turned down, your power bar attached to your laptop, phone charger, printer etc…is turned off and even your Sonos playing your background music stops. Don’t add another mundane task to your day, flick a switch and leave the office behind without another thought.

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