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The Team

Meet the forces, continuously striving to improve and perfect nCube.

Philip Steele

CEO & Founder

Gareth Jones

Head of Business Developent

Karen Lane

Strategic Marketing Advisor

Asitha Rodrigo

Head of Product & Technology

Konstantin Reido

Head of Software Development

Mat Bhagrath


Anthony Archer


How everything started

The story of nCube

The story of nCube

At the young age of 14, nCube founder Philip Steele was tired of hearing ‘Philip, STOP leaving everything on all the time!’ and decided to take matters into his own hands by creating the very ‘first’ nCube prototype. To automate his bedroom, Philip took an old ruler, two springs, a micro-switch and an old tape deck motor and assembled a simple pressure switch to go under the carpet in the doorway. The switch caused the tape deck motor to rotate with a beer bottle cap bent into a cam shape to depress a main power switch – thus eliminating the constant nagging from his parents and helping them save on energy costs.

While Philip created this prototype many years ago, it took him a few years to get to where we are today. The first nCube smart home hub resembling the one we’re currently selling was created in 2012, with sales starting in 2013. The nCube Smart Hub is constantly evolving and changing, as we spend a lot of time listening to feedback, growing the features and supporting more and more appliances. We want to make sure that nCube stays true to its mission of transforming your home into more than a smart home by providing one place to manage everything about the home.