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  • Improve your personal and family security
  • Start saving on your energy bills
  • Control and monitor your home from anywhere
  • Set up your automation for a convenient home

A Stylish Blue Box that will Transform Magically your Home

nCube Smart Home

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Open Platform

Open Platform

You select the tech and smart devices that work for you from Sonos to Nest, from Lifx to Hue. Completely tech agnostic, nCube smart home is compatible with all of them. Our aim is to maximise your choice and Control, because that will make your home smarter than ever before

One Single App

One Single App

Say goodbye to a confusing number of apps and manage everything in the home from one beautifully intuitive app, saving time and money on the way

Set the Scene

Set the Scene

Set the scene and start creating your home automation known as “Cubes”, the different configurations of devices and settings, to suit the home at specific times of the day or for individual events. You can create home automation for advanced security, energy saving and a perfect ambience in the home throughout the day.

Intuitive App

Intuitive App

The app can be set for multiple users. Due to its simplicity and Intuitive Use, everyone at home will be comfortable using it.

Privacy + Security Features

A unique feature of nCube is your privacy. Because of our unique box and technology, your information is never sent out to central servers or stored in the cloud. Instead it stays on your device in your home – meaning it’s much more secure and totally private.

Offline Working

Unlike almost every system on the market, nCube’s brain works even when you’re offline. If the internet connection is slow or goes down, your home doesn’t collapse! Using nCube, you can still control your heating, alarm systems and everything else from your phone – phew.

  • Fred Herts

    “I like one particular alarm system , but the same company’s heating systems are just not as good. With nCube I can select the best product from each company and they work together properly.

    Fred Herts

  • Anil Harrow

    “At first my family groaned about yet another gadget . But now that my wife saw the drop in the energy bills she Loves It!”

    Anil Harrow