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Transform your home.

Smart tech is supposed to make your home more comfortable and convenient – as well as saving you money. But because devices don’t work perfectly together, your smart tech is actually pretty dumb.

Now nCube has put a brain at the heart of your home, linking smart tech together and making it easy to control - for a home that’s truly smart.

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Set the Scene

Off To Work

As you close the front door, the alarm system arms; lighting and heating switch off. But just because you’re out, doesn’t mean you’re not in control. You can monitor who’s arrived – like a cleaner – and even check appliances haven’t been left on and control them remotely.

How nCube Works

If you care about smart tech in your home you may already have several different devices, all from different suppliers, all with different pieces of controlling software and often based on different technologies (from Z-wave to Zigbee).

Quite simply, nCube acts as your home’s brain and allows you to integrate all these different devices together.

It’s both simple to use and incredibly powerful.

The Crucial Difference

Unlike almost every system on the market, nCube’s brain works even when you’re offline. If the internet connection is slow or goes down, your home doesn’t collapse! Using nCube, you can still control your heating, alarm systems and everything else from your phone – phew.

A unique feature of nCube is your privacy. Because of our unique box and technology, your information is never sent out to central servers or stored in the cloud. Instead it stays on your device in your home – meaning it’s much more secure and totally private.

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Belkin Wemo
Nest Thermostat
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Supported Devices

You select the tech and devices that work for you, from Sonos to Nest, from Lifx to Hue. Completely tech agnostic, nCube is compatible with all of them.

Our aim is to maximise your choice and control, because that will make your home smarter than ever before.

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Ready to power up your home’s brain?

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